Monday, 23 August 2010

Free Premium Wordpress Themes

Download loads of premium WP themes for free

Go to WP-Themes-Free to download all the themes you can think of!

If you want to make your wordpress powered blog or website to look as good and professional looking as possible, then you need to have a sleek and stylish theme. Custom and premium themes are a lot of money, and maybe you can't afford one, but no need to worry, you can find a wide selection of free premium wordpress themes on offer and wide selection of professional looking themes degined by the leading wordpress devlopers, all for free.

These premium themes are well deigned, highly functional, top-quality themes which can transform a WordPress installation from a simple blog into a powerful content management system/website (e.g. magazine, news, portfolio or ‘traditional' web site). Some of the best themes to help you take your site to a higher level are listed below:

Studiopress - Tubular - A very stylish looking wordpress for a music theme wordpress blog/site.

Studiopress - Agent Premium Wordpress Theme - A theme that can be used for people showcasing houses/properties.

When looking for a premium wordpress theme, check out the many options that the wordpress theme has to offer, you may be looking to showcase photos, cars, houses, or maybe you just want a personal blog to document the exciting moments of you life, whatever the case, you are sure to find a premium wordpress theme to do the job. Or, you may be looking for a theme for your business which requires a shopping cart for customers to purchase items, and you may also want to display advertisments, for example google adsence, whatever you are looking for, WP-Themes-Free has the solution.

Here are some examples of themes we have to offer, all premium wordpress themes available for free download.

Studiopress Album Premium Wordpress Theme

Studiopress Album Premium Wordpress Theme

A Wonderful magazine style wordpress theme Studiopress has created, with a layout that fits in multiple posts in all different areas of the homepage, widget ready sidebar, a nice email subscription box for your feeds, a widget text area to engage interest in the user in anything you want to promote, the black on white layout with the gray background really brings your theme and content to life. download today!

Premium WP Theme

iThemes - bSocial Wordpress Theme

Few Features of bSocial wordpress theme :

Highlight Your Content
With the front three feature boxes, you can highlight any content you want on your home page, including older content that gets buried through WP categories

Show Off Your Social Networking Bling
At the bottom area of bSocial you can link to all your social networking content easily!

Upload a new graphic
The custom image uploader feature allows you to personalize your site with your own logo or graphic!

Get found online
bSocial is optimized for search engines like Google!

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